Mindy Galloway

CEO, Khemia Manufacturing 

Mindy Galloway is one of the most positive people you will meet. She is on a mission to bring love, support, and encouragement to the world. She shines as KHEMIA CEO with her leadership and calm presence. Mindy grew up in the Northern California Cannabis Culture, where her love for manufacturing started as a way to utilize all aspects of the plant for healing. Mindy brings to KHEMIA her years of experience in the cannabis industry as a: delivery manager and consultant, storefront dispensary manager and product manager, Executive Director for cannabis non-profit groups and Mastermind Facilitator/business coach for cannabis Executives. Her cannabis experience is combined with experience from various entrepreneurial endeavors and previous jobs working for Executive Leaders.  

Mindy is excited and grateful every day to be a part of an amazing brand with an all-star team of legacy operators and business experts. With everyone combined together, KHEMIA is on its way to be widely known and recognized for creating quality artisanal products that are catered for specific effects and relief. 

Mindy connects with KHEMIA by being a voice for Cannabis wellness, education, and advocacy. 

Louis Han

Director of Deal Flow, The Arcview Group

Since 2015 Mr. Han has been responsible for developing deal flow for The Arcview Group’s investor network and reviewing more than 1,000 companies per year. He gained his investment experience in 2013 from working with high net-worth investors in private equity and debt financings in international commercial real estate transactions.

The cannabis industry became his passion after founding, operating and exiting a tax-paying medical cannabis collective that reached over 300 patients in the San Francisco Bay Area in just 1 year.

A long-time advocate for local and international communities in need, Mr. Han had the privilege of arguing a deportation case pro bono in front of the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, receiving multiple awards for pro bono service within the Silicon Valley community, teaching ESL to underprivileged youth in South Korea, and community leadership with Rotary International. He continues his community service in the cannabis industry through the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce’s Grow Green program.

He received his law degree from Santa Clara University with a focus on corporate law. He received his B.A. from the University of California, Davis. He is a member of The Minority Cannabis Business Association and mentor for the CanopyBoulder accelerator program. He is a sought after speaker primarily on industry trends and capital raising both in and outside of the cannabis industry.

Kyra Reed

Founder Markyr Digital Cannabis Founder Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEiC)

Kyra Reed is a social media industry veteran and a community-focused brand innovator. Reed brings a unique and fresh social-first approach to brand marketing and digital strategy. She was named a ‘Social Media Pioneer,’ by Entrepreneur Magazine. And her work in social media has been featured in The NY Times, Tech Crunch, NPR and 20/20.  

She has guest-lectured at UCLA and USC and has spoken at a number of conferences, including Digital Music Forum West, Blog World, ASCAP Expos and SXSW. Her work has been featured in top tier media outlets including TechCrunch, The New York Times and NPR. Reed is the author of Blog 101, a beginner’s guide to blogging and a contributor to The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

In 2016 she launched Markyr Digital Cannabis, a digital marketing and social media strategy agency focused on the Marijuana, hemp and CBD industries. Kyra’s cannabis clients include growers, manufacturers and dispensaries. She has been a speaker on branding and marketing at MJ BizCon (17,18 & 19), Global Cannabis Conference and Grassroots Cannabis. Kyra has also launched one of the largest cannabis networking Facebook groups for women, Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEiC) and WEiC:Careers,  job matching site for women in cannabis and companies committed to gender diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices. 

Kelsi White

Sacramento News and Review

With over 17 years of experience in advertising, and 10 of those being specifically in cannabis, Kelsi brings a wide array of perspectives on cannabis marketing.  Her experience in all different aspects of the cannabis industry in combination with media experience, has earned her a reputation of a cannabis marketing specialist.  With the ongoing changes of marketing options, her goal is to continue to offer mainstream media planning, but also focus more closely on ‘think outside of the box’ ideas. 

Kimberly Cargile

C.E.O. of A Therapeutic Alternative

Kimberly Cargile has been dedicated to advancing the medical cannabis industry in California for over a decade as an advocate and educator.  With over 12 years’ experience operating dispensaries and 20 years cultivating cannabis, Kimberly has gained invaluable industry knowledge. As the C.E.O. of A Therapeutic Alternative, a locally permitted and State licensed storefront dispensary in Sacramento, Kimberly is proud of the fact that various government officials have commended her on her model operation. Over the last few years, Kimberly has mentored and partnered with many of her employees founding 7 more cannabis businesses including 4 more dispensaries, 2 cultivation sites and a manufacturing company, all without any corporate funding.

In 2006, when she graduated Humboldt State University as a Presidential Scholar with a degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology and a focus on Social Justice, she moved to Sacramento and began her advocacy for patients to City Councils, Board of Supervisors and the State Legislature. She has been an educator to local and State governments advocating for regulations that protect consumers, the industry, the environment and the public alike.

Kimberly provides fully transparent tours of A Therapeutic Alternative on a regular basis to government officials in order to educate them on the operations of a cannabis industry. She has provided numerous tours to Senators, Assembly Members, The Bureau of Cannabis Control, The Department of Public Health, The Department of Food and Agriculture, The California Department of Fee and Tax Administration, The Franchise Tax Board, The California Highway Patrol, The Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Association of Cities and Counties, The Rural Counties Association, Chiefs of Police Association, City and County officials from throughout California, Neighborhood Associations, Doctors and College Professors.

A Therapeutic Alternative has been a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association sinceKimberly became the E.D. in 2013 and is the longest standing member of the California CannabisIndustry Association, joining on day one. She speaks regularly at colleges, hospitals and for variousorganizations in efforts to spread education of cannabis as medicine.  Kimberly is respected for herknowledge, ethics and compassion. In 2013, Kimberly was voted one of the top ten most influentialpeople in the cannabis community in Sacramento by Sacramento Alternative Magazine. In 2016, Kimberly was nominated for the Luminary Award by the National Association of Women Business Owners. And just this year, Kimberly was voted by the Sacramento News and Review as one of 2019’s Top 5 Women to Watch and the Sacramento Business Journal’s award for Women Who Mean Business and 40 Most Influential People in Sacramento under 40. Kimberly is a published writer, has been interviewed by many publications, radio, podcasts and television.

Tiffani Sharp

Licensed Attorney

Tiffani Sharp is a licensed attorney with a specialization in international law and has spent almost 20 years advocating for the legal, social and economic rights of the underrepresented. She is the Founder of Willow Tree Roots, an international nonprofit with a mission of helping underrepresented women feel empowered to and through entrepreneurship.

She is currently pursuing a legal certificate in Cannabis Law and her company WOC Canna provides business resources and opportunities for, by and to women of color in the cannabis industry.

She is also the Founder & CEO of the newly formed California Institute for Cannabis Equity whose mission is to promote economic equity in the California cannabis industry for communities adversely affected by marijuana prohibition through policy, legislation, education and advocacy.

Kenyon Riley

Retired Law Enforcement Ranger

Kenyon Riley is a retired Supervisory Law Enforcement Ranger for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Here he spent 23 years at three different BLM Offices (Ridgecrest, Bishop, and Redding). His job took him all over the Western States on details.  

Starting in 1993, he worked on special details with the BLM’S marijuana eradication team for 17 years, until his retirement in 2016. Most of his work was in Shasta, Tehama, and Butte Counties. He also spent many details in the Emerald Triangle ( Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties) working on eradication.

Prior to the BLM, Kenyon worked 11 years with the US Army Corps of Engineers, as a Park Ranger at five different flood control dams and lakes across California. 

Kenyon holds a BS in biology and BA in Social Science.


Macai Polansky

Co-founder of Spacestation

Macai is a co-founder of Spacestation, a state of the art facility that is the states first fully-licensed cannabis manufacturer focusing solely on premium infused beverage manufacturing. Additionally, he is the founder of Cannagram, a cannabis delivery start-up in the midst of licensure in Sacramento. 
Leading up to these, Macai started and grew a collective grow and delivery service to serve over 4k members in the Sacramento area and dispensaries across the state with high quality, medical-grade clean cannabis before having to shutter those due to locating in area’s which did not embrace and allow regulated cannabis businesses. Steadfast to stay in the industry which he knew and loved, he was a founding member and elected president of the California Cannabis Courrier Association (CCCA). The CCCA started as a coalition of Sacramento based cannabis delivery companies determined to ensure a path to licensure for non-storefront delivery companies as well as safe and discreet access, statewide, for the patients who relied on them. With the help of their lobbyist, Caity Maple from Gonzalez, Quintana, Hunter, & Cruz, the CCCA paved the way for statewide, legal cannabis delivery.
He’s since founded the Cannabis Beverage Association whose goal is to advocate on behalf of the unrepresented cannabis beverage segment of the industry. 

Casey Fenwick

President of Core 1 Labs

A native Angeleno, Casey Fenwick hails from Thousand Oaks, California and boasts a diverse background in engineering & marketing. He has worked his way up to become the President of Core 1 Labs, formerly Lifestyle Delivery Systems – a publicly traded company – that is home to several up-and-coming cannabis brands including CannaStrips. ⠀ ⠀

 It’s with a passion for scientific data & development that Fenwick hopes to guide the industry and create a new standard for sublingual bucal mucosal products.


Sunny Welch

Sales Representative, Henry’s Original 

Sunny Welch is on a mission to ensure every patient has safe and reliable access to the medicine they need. 

Working in Northern California for the past ten years, Sunny’s cannabis industry experience spans the entire supply chain. Founder, farmer, advisor and advocate; Sunny employs her diverse background and natural creativity to identify opportunities others miss.

Based in Sacramento, Sunny oversees sales in Northern California for Henry’s Original. Longtime activist, she supports many patient advocacy groups in the area, with a strong focus on those serving the veteran community. 

Sunny holds degrees from Stanford and Savannah College of Art and Design.

Caity Maple

Vice President of Government Affairs & Compliance, Perfect Union

Caity is the Vice President of Government Affairs & Compliance for the premier cannabis retail brand, Perfect Union. She was formerly a Principal and Lobbyist for Quintana, Watts & Hartmann working with clients from a variety of sectors including cannabis, technology, animal welfare, and education. In 2018, Caity successfully lobbied for cannabis delivery across California, as well as a ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Prior to joining Quintana, Watts & Hartmann, Caity lobbied for The Quintana Cruz Company and Gonzalez, Quintana, Hunter, & Cruz after doing research and project management for the nonprofit California Forward. Prior to that she worked in the state Legislature.

During her time at California Forward, Caity managed a large research project to assess how elections are funded nationwide and within California. She produced a 60-page report to inform policymakers on a new path forward for California’s elections, and spoke on this research at conferences across the state. She also provided expert testimony to the Joint Senate Elections and Budget Committees.

In her spare time, Caity is also a community advocate. She has previously been the Vice President and Fundraising Director for the Fem Dems of Sacramento, Gubernatorial Appointee to the 52nd Agricultural District, and a Commissioner for the Ann Land & Bertha Henschel Memorial Funds Commission. She is currently a founding board member to the nonprofit WomenUp and to the UC Davis Capitol Alumni Group, and is a contributing editor for Sacramentality.com. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Davis.

Courtney Lang

Principal Consultant, Taproot Business Consulting, Inc

Courtney Lang is a Sacramento-based consultant specializing in compliance, licensing, business planning and strategy, and organizational development. She partners with businesses and leadership to build the foundation of a successful company.  After working for over a decade in the natural foods industry she saw an opportunity to provide cannabis pioneers and friends a trustworthy advisor to help navigate regulations and build coherent businesses. Courtney knows that success in the cannabis industry isn’t just about getting a license. It’s about maintaining compliance, building human capital, and executing strategy.

In addition to her cannabis background, Courtney offers her clients over ten years of experience working in the natural foods industry for several small to medium sized companies. She has helped form large teams, develop and execute strategic plans and grassroots marketing campaigns, create company-wide policies and procedures, and manage boards and stakeholders.

Courtney is proud to advise some of Northern California’s finest operators including Friendly Farms, Lucky Box Club, Little River Farms, and Mountain High Recreation.

Ariana Van Alstine

Senior Counsel at Kennaday Leavitt Owensby PC

Ariana Van Alstine is Senior Counsel, specializing in licensing and compliance for cannabis businesses. She spearheads the cannabis practice for Kennaday Leavitt Owensby, PC, and represents clients across California. Utilizing her regulatory experience, Ariana works with clients to navigate local and state licensing and regulatory compliance obligations following California’s legalization of commercial cannabis activity. 

She is recognized for her ability to accomplish client goals within the context of the complexCalifornia regulatory framework that informs operations. Ariana is regularly invited to speak publicly to share her unique knowledge of cannabis law, and prepared an executive training on cannabis licensing for University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.
Ariana has also worked on licensing and regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry. She has represented some of California’s largest health plans and health insurers in all matters concerning licensing, regulatory compliance, and enforcement actions. 

In addition, Ms. Van Alstine is part of the firm’s litigation team with extensive litigation experience including motion practice, oral argument, settlement negotiations, and trial preparation. She is often called upon to draft pleadings and discovery, and take and defend depositions.

Ariana was recently honored with recognition as a California Super Lawyer, Rising Star. She sits on the Board of Women Lawyers of Sacramento, and sat on the California Cannabis Industry Association subcommittee for Insurance. Ariana is a member of the Sacramento County Bar Association, Barristers’ Club of Sacramento, the California Cannabis Industry Association and the National Cannabis Bar Association.

During law school, Ariana was a judicial extern to the Honorable Allan Sumner, where she prepared civil writs. She was also a member of the McGeorge Moot Court Honors Board and was awarded a semi-finalist in the Niagara Moot Court competition. Ariana currently participates as an Alumni coach to the asylum competition team.

Alex Lucero

Alex is Procurement Manager at Green Solutions in Sacramento and had over 14 years of Management and Customer service experience. 

He finds that the most interesting things in our industry is how a simple plant capable of helping so many illnesses and disorders. 

Alex is drawn to the physiological aspects of suggestive sales and the understanding of providing a competitive market that is capable of competing with the local black market. 

G.T. Goins

G.T. is buyer at Two Rivers Wellness in Sacramento

I am Cleveland born, Sacramento raised. Before entering the Cannabis industry G.T. worked in the medical and pharmaceutical field. He has since worked 6 years total in the Cannabis industry working in various capacities including promotions, budtending, social media presence and Purchasing Manager at Two Rivers Wellness. G.T. has also been featured in the Sacramento News & Review 2017 Dispensary special.⠀

Chelsea Cordoba

Chelsea Cordoba was born and raised in Northern CA she boasts an extensive background in banking, finance and compliance. After years in the industry she fell ill and began searching for alternative medical treatment options. 

Her personal experience with the medicinal benefits of cannabis lead her to co-found Mountain High Recreation, a licensed delivery service based out of Sacramento with her husband. Her passion for spreading the medical benefits along with her finance experience creates a perfect synergy to operate in the ever-changing legal market.

Mountain High Recreation has since merged with Driven Deliveries, Inc.(DRVD) the first publicly traded cannabis delivery service operating within the United States. Founded by experienced technology and cannabis executives, the Company provides on-demand cannabis delivery across 92% of California.  Chelsea helps manage all Northern CA operations along with building brand relationships for the company state wide.